It is possible to tunnel Microsoft Remote Desktop through SSH.

OS X/Linux

With something other than windows you can use:

OS X clients: CoRD or Microsoft Remote Desktop. Linux has

A possible alternate linux path is:

(This runs rdesktop on jumpgate and avoids the tunneling but does incur X overhead so may not be better)


Creating the tunnel under windows is more annoying. sshtips was useful.

(Clicking open will create the session once, but as far as I can tell once you open the connection, there's no way to save the changes to your session.)

(One of the other problems for windows was it wouldn't let you forward port 3389 because that was reserved for the local remote desktop, so I had to pick a different port.).

On the Sequencer

In addition to get this work you need to turn remote desktop access on, for the target computer.

Behind the Scenes

Actually the first number in "ssh -L source_port:target_host:target_port" or the "source port" in putty is completely arbitrary. You just need to use the same port number in the ssh tunnel and the port in the rdesktop client.

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